I’m a 35-year old ex-freelance graphic designer living, eating, and creating in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and learning how to do that on a non-profit salary (or, currently, a lack thereof!).

OK, time for an update here: I’m still 35, though only until April, I still live in Bay Ridge, though I am moving 10 blocks away to Sunset Park in May.  Let’s just say I was born in 1975 and I now live in Brooklyn.  I started doing graphic design again after one and a half years off, during which I taught English and worked on a sewing institute with Arab-American women in Brooklyn.  I loved it, I still see my ex-students on a regular basis, and I am convinced that my place in life is working with immigrants, and to help other people get along with and understand them better.

I love all kinds of art and craft, cooking, and international music of many types.  I love artists, musicians, writers, and everyone who wants to make something instead of just consume things, or worse, destroy them.  Personally, I have to be inspired to live, and I like to see that in others too.

I try to practice tolerance for everyone, even hipsters.