“Follow House magazine’s guide to how to get horny spring color blobs boxes into your home.”

“Niels is not just fussy, he is super fussy. But he is legally excused. He lives for his sharp sense of decor”

Those are some of my favorite Google Translate blurbs from BOLIG, an interior design magazine from Denmark and the source for my main new inspiration photo (first found @ Jubella):

I decided I love the stark white walls and furniture with crazy accent colors.  Plus it means I don’t have to repaint (at least that room) when I move out.

I found some other great ideas at TAJ Wood & Scherer (Germany) and the wonderful RICE company out of Denmark.  They design wonderful super-colorful home items that are made under fair trade conditions in developing countries.  I wish we had a shop of theirs here–I think it would do well in NY!

The rice-bag and matchbox inspired patterned throw pillows on the top right are from Koko, a NY (Queens) based company run by a Colombian woman married to an Indian man–she operates a similar fair-trade business model too, as I found out when I FINALLY located the woven plastic rugs I’ve been searching for desperately, by Koko and available at Domus (run by a delightful woman named Luisa) in NY.  You can see a few in the pictures above–my favorites are the brightly colored ones in traditional floral/scrollwork designs.  I’d seen them all over the place in the Scandinavian blogs, and I did see some by Mad Mats (which have the added plus of being recycled) but they didn’t quite have the colors and designs I wanted.  It took a New York Times article on the trend to find the name Koko and the store Domus.  Hello all design blogs out there: please tell us the manufacturers of the items you feature!  And makers, work on your Google presence!

Continue for new couch pics and a poll!  Onward!

I’ve really been obsessing over the couch search–I missed out on one @ Angel Street Thrift Shop and kicked myself over it, but in retrospect I’m glad I waited.  This guy I found at a Salvy Army in the city; I love it and paid less including delivery than the one at Angel Street by itself ($146 for the couch + $80 delivery + $23 tip = $249).

It’s a sectional in 3 parts–the chair in the foreground can be added to either side to make an L.  That doesn’t work in my space right now but I like it as a chair too.  It’s a cream-colored silk-and-cotton jacquard damask (or so I’m told by Henri who apparently is not just a stronger-than-he-looks man-with-a-van but also an expert on upholstery textiles!).  The couch is probably from the seventies, classic clean lines, great condition with just some minor stains and discoloration.  I love the pattern:

It’s a mix of old and new which is exactly what I’m about and the pattern brings in that sort of stately femininity that sort of ties together this room with what I eventually want to do with my bedroom (subverted Marie Antoinette!).  It’s comfy and huge and adaptable.  Now…

I’m strongly tempted to try to dye the cushion covers, leaving the base and arms of the couch as is.  Like, fuchsia.  Or some cushions in orange, some fuchsia.  That would hopefully cover up the existing stains and provide a camouflage for any new ones that I will most certainly produce.  Also I’m a bit concerned that I won’t have enough color in my supposed-to-be riot-of-color living room.  I feel like the line of the top of the couch will be a bit blah against the white wall.

But on the other hand, (a) I could totally screw up the dye job, shrink the cushion covers or destroy them if they’re not *really* meant to be washed–though Henri says it’s okay, (b) it could get old after a while, (c) it could be less than restful, and (d) it could close up the feeling of the room instead of that nice open feeling you get with a light color.

So I’ll put it up to a vote: