A few colorful items in my currently dull living room have been telling me they want company:

A candle from Brooklyn’s Sunset Park Chinatown ($1)

My yarn bag

And this painting I bought in Quito (it’s a copy of a painting by Ecuadorian fantastic realist artist Gustavo Velasco, or so I gather though this is the only page online I can find with information on him, and it is signed “J. Rafael”) which I love but a certain SO finds in questionable taste.

Then there was the patchwork egg chair I spotted in ABC Home while window-shopping for ideas among things I can’t afford.  I did find, though, that things I can’t afford and the shops that sell them are slightly less awe-inspiring lately.  Maybe because those who are supposed to be able to afford them can’t either anymore.  But anyway, some months ago I was stopped in my tracks by a chair similar to the one in the front.

It wasn’t so much that I wanted the chair as that it made me think about patchwork in a new way, with a contemporary relevance.  Apparently this has been a big trend in interior design–see this post about Squint Limited) that I completely missed.  At first it got me thinking about incorporating this look into the items I’ll be making with my women’s crafts co-op (more on that soon) but it also got into my head as I started thinking about making my living room more livable.

Here’s the first moodboard I put together.  I’m thinking a little differently today–maybe not orange walls in an apartment I’ll have to repaint before I move out?–but this was the initial set of images that sparked my imagination:

moodboard 1